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Digital Transformation Within Care: Leveraging Online Feedback to Increase Occupancy Rates [WEBINAR]

Reputation's Jay Purcell and Nathan Griffiths hosted this live webinar with RoarB2B in April 2021 to discuss the ever-growing need for digital transformation within the care sector and shared some great tips and tricks along the way too. If your goal is to leverage your online estate and digital front door to drive more inquiries, improve resident satisfaction, and increase your occupancy rate for your sites and facilities, then your online footprint is key to success. It's the first place someone will look when they're doing their research, and what they see will be a key deciding factor on whether someone decides to place themselves or their family member into care with yourselves or another provider. You will learn: - How to leverage your online presence to drive more inquiries - Where and what people are looking for when selecting care providers - Managing multiple online profiles at once, and ensuring they're up-to-date - The benefits of soliciting resident feedback to increase guest satisfaction at the local level - How to boost your care home's online reputation