10 Tips for Holiday-Friendly Social Posting that Stands Out

December 13, 2016

As we get closer to 2017, companies may start scrambling to get the word out about end-of-year deals and holiday promotions, and social media channels can become overloaded with an onslaught of ads, tweets and posts. Getting the attention of your target audience is already tricky, but with all this added distraction, your message can quickly be lost.

To connect with customers during this busy time of year, try tapping into their holiday spirit. Here are 10 ways to spread holiday cheer while making sure your message pops:

  1. Plan ahead: Create a content calendar with important dates and holidays so your team can brainstorm and build quality posts for the holiday season.
  2. Share the wealth: Award holiday deals and coupons — free service for a month or a gift card, for example — for entering a contest or downloading content.
  3. Add value: Offer a winter safety tip relevant to your industry, and be sure to relate the tip to your products and services.
  4. Make it personal: Get staff involved promoting your brand by including them in photos, contests, videos, ads and the like. Thank your customers, and share some history about progress your company’s made throughout the year.
  5. Get nostalgic: Encourage your followers to post their favorite holiday photos, memories, recipes and songs of the season, and share the favorites of your employees and company.
  6. Be charitable: Host a charity event that’s related to your industry or helpful to the community. Examples may include Toys for Tots activities, animal shelter events, upcoming fundraising walks and so on.
  7. Help with shopping: Offer “Gift guides” relevant to products you sell to encourage interest in your offerings. 
  8. Run a #12Days campaign: Countdown to Christmas or the New Year with daily giveaways, stories and recipes, funny photos, sales and coupons.
  9. Inspire creativity: Create a “caption this” holiday post. Ask participants to provide a caption for a silly photo, and offer a prize for the most creative.
  10. Bring in the New Year: Prepare your followers for 2017 by reminding them of services or appointments they should make.
Remember: A lot of companies — perhaps your competitors — are attempting to drive end-of-year sales by capitalizing on the holiday rush. To ensure your posts are read and shared, focus on the value you can provide your audience.

If you can simplify your customers’ lives during this busy time of year, they’ll be more likely to respond favorably.

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