Are 5-Star Online Reviews Driving Customers Away?

August 8, 2016

As a business leader operating in a competitive marketplace, you’d think that having 5-star reviews would be a boon to your business and attract more customers ... but you’d be wrong.

It sounds counterintuitive but having only 5-star reviews may come off as misleading and deceptive or – even worse – as self-promoting puffery.

In order to grow your business, your online reviews should be an honest representation of your customers' experience and should serve to entice customers, not repel them.

Be advised: You shouldn’t panic if you have mostly positive reviews. But if you only have good reviews and 5-star ratings then you look like you’re misrepresenting the truth about your business.

Read on to learn how you can have a solid and accurate online reputation that will attract more business.

Too Few Stars Scare Customers Away. Too Many Will Do the Same

If potential customers only see a large volume of 5-star reviews, they’ll think that an employee wrote the review at the company’s behest. Customers are exceedingly savvy. They know that no product or service  is perfect.

Let your positive and negative reviews show. Don’t remove negative reviews or try to force them down by flooding review sites with positive customer feedback.

It will be obvious that a large amount of excellent reviews have been simultaneously published, which will damage your brand and credibility.

Transparency Equals Trustworthiness

Customers understand that a company will have some subpar to negative feedback, and they appreciate being able to evaluate differing views in their decision-making process.

What’s more, customers may want to see how you’ve resolved any customer service-related issues.

When they see an array of opinions, they’ll take the time to read the reviews and your responses more closely and consider carefully if they’re going to come to your business or your competitor’s.

The best reviews offer details and personal anecdotes about a product or service. That’s why a 4-star rating written with a high level of consideration can hold more weight and be more persuasive than, a 5-star rating given without much detail.

With a healthy mix of mostly positive reviews – sprinkled with some that are less than stellar – your business is more likely to demonstrate authenticity and integrity.

Use Poor Reviews to Fuel Improvements

Receiving any bad online reviews may seem alarming, but resist looking at it that way. A less than complimentary review should actually be seen as an untapped opportunity.

It’s advantageous for your business to learn about where  your operational or personnel issues fall short. So use this feedback to proactively manage your locations more effectively.

If you can show how you listen to your customers and make changes for the better by addressing shortcomings, you’ll not only increase customer satisfaction, you’ll build more loyalty.

Burnish Your Online Reputation

A true view of your business in the online universe is what will ensure a sterling online reputation.

We’re here to help. With our Online Reputation Management platform, you can see and monitor the entire galaxy of good and bad reviews in one place, keep track of feedback across all business lines and locations, and proactively make improvements to grow your business and increase revenue.


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