How Critical Online Patient Reviews Can Help Your Organization

April 4, 2016

If you’re still wondering whether online reviews have an impact on your organization, consider this: over 60 percent of patients surveyed say they use online reviews as a first step to find a new doctor.  

What's more, millennials trust Google searches more than they trust a referral from their primary care physicians.

Good online reviews move you up in search results and help attract new patients. But critical reviews are also valuable. Here’s how you can use subpar reviews to your advantage:

Use Negative Reviews to Fuel Operational Improvements

Reviews contain a wealth of patient feedback, from the average wait time, to the responsiveness of your reception and accounting staff, to the quality of your medical team.

To use this intel most effectively, you’ll need to schedule time every day, and have tools to review all listings across all websites. Only then can you uncover and address recurring quality of care, personnel, food and pharmacy issues, just to name a few.

For example, a major hospital and customer was getting a surprising number of negative reviews. They turned to our sentiment analysis and actionable analytics to try to understand why. 

They noticed that the word “parking” was showing up often – and our system also picked up phrases such as “find a spot” and “no room to park.”  Upon looking deeper into the problem, the team discovered there were plenty of open parking spaces, but signage was inadequate and unclear. After the signage problem was solved, the number of negative reviews dropped dramatically. 

Consider all feedback constructive. It’s often valuable advice, and systematically mining through sentiment analysis will provide the information you need for operational impact that transcends marketing and communications. 

Respond Quickly and Positively to Patient Reviews

People post complaints because they want a quick response, and because they want other people to see how you handle the situation. Negative comments may be warranted; you can use the information to correct issues that may be genuine shortcomings in the way you deliver patient care.

When you address legitimate concerns promptly, two great things happen. First, you have an opportunity to have a real impact on the operational side of your facilities. Second, when you respond to the review and help the patient reach a resolution, our data shows that patients will often convert a negative review to a very positive one.

You win both ways.

Download our guide, "Online Review Management in the Healthcare Space," to get additional insights on how to use patient reviews to drive operational improvements. 



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