3 Steps To Make Your Reviews Match the Quality of Your Service

May 2, 2016

It’s not fair.  A few negative reviews can have an immense impact on your online reputation or maybe even your bottom line — especially if some bad reviews aren’t true.                       

But even if some negative reviews about your business are accurate, it’s up to your team to review the feedback and take the necessary steps to make your online perception mirror the exemplary customer experience you know your company can provide.

In order to generate a more positive perception, you need to follow these three steps to ensure your reviews match the your quality of service.

Step 1: Close the Gap

Your team will need to monitor online reviews on a regular basis. By being aware of what’s being said about you online, you can see where you’re succeeding and where you’re falling short.

Next, you should create a system for soliciting third-party reviews from satisfied customers. Positive reviews neutralize negative ones. To guarantee authenticity, avoid the most common mistakes people make when asking for reviews.

Then, you should make sure all of your information is accurate on Google. Correcting your business listings for all of your locations makes it easy for prospective customers to find you. All location addresses should be correct, and you should include photos and hours of operation.

Customers pay more attention when you give them all the information they need.

Step 2: Raise the Bar

Your customers’ opinion counts, and it’s vital to know what they really think of your service. The best way to improve your performance is to collect data and address issues as you discover them.

Survey your customers shortly after they’ve made a purchase or used your services. For example, Reputation.com offers a feature in the online reputation management platform that can quickly distribute a survey for your organization.

No matter how it’s expressed, all feedback is constructive. So don’t ignore it. Respond with care and work to correct issues that may be genuine shortcomings in your operation.

In fact, the results may surprise you and give you something easy to fix to wow your customers.

Negative comments may also provide an opportunity to turn a critic into an advocate. Oftentimes, organizations can turn 1-star reviews into 5-star reviews simply by responding immediately and resolving problems.

'For every 26 unhappy customers, only one will make a formal complaint. Instead the others will tell their friends, who will tell their friends.' -- White House Office of Consumer Affairs

Step 3: Drive Revenue

Once you’ve got people talking about you online, further the engagement and help your locations build local advocacy.

Develop and share customer stories and case studies to demonstrate how you differ from your competitors. Then engage with your audience around those stories.

Social media gives you the tools to make your customers and prospects feel recognized, appreciated and heard. Use those stories to drive customers to your various locations and patronize your business, and  watch your revenue grow.




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