Help Patients Choose Your Providers by Streaming CAHPS Results on Your Website

June 29, 2017

When healthcare seekers choose a new provider, their decision may depend on what they read about you or your location on your website – or someone else’s.

Make sure you are providing  prospective patients with everything they need to make an informed decision by streaming your CAHPS survey data to your website.

Here’s why you should: Your CAHPS scores provide additional context and credibility to third-party reviews, and help paint a complete picture of your true quality of care. In fact, according to Language of Care, large U.S. employers are adopting a “Care Focused Purchasing” approach to choosing providers for their health benefits packages based on patient satisfaction data, as well as outcomes and efficiency data.

With more emphasis being placed on patient satisfaction in addition to outcomes and quality of care, your organization’s ability to provide transparency into CAHPS scores should become an important part your  overall growth strategy.

Finding Providers in the Digital Age

Reviews provide one part of the story. According to SoftwareAdvice, nearly 80 percent of consumers report using online reviews as a first step to seeking a healthcare provider, while 16 percent use them to validate the doctor they’ve chosen. A 2015 article in JAMA Internal Medicine reported that one-third of U.S. consumers selected or avoided physicians based on what they read on third-party review site.

And while a wealth of meaningful, patient satisfaction data can be found online at Medicare’s Hospital Compare site, consumer traffic to this site is extremely low.

By streaming CAHPS data to your organization’s website alongside reviews, you give prospective patients a representative view of your patient care and offerings. Not only does this support transparency initiatives and build trust with consumers, it adds context and credibility to positive online reviews they may have read on third-party sites.

And if there’s a negative review out there, your CAHPS data may help counteract the negative effects.

Below is a screenshot showing how one physician uses CAHPS results and reviews together on his website to provide rich ratings and reviews information to visitors.


Provide Patients With Quantifiable Data

Your patients are accustomed to relying on star ratings for choosing businesses such as restaurants and hotels. A robust Online Reputation Management (ORM) platform can make it easy to show off your star ratings and reviews by streaming CAHPS results to your site.

Streaming patient satisfaction data to your website:

1) Adds context and credibility to your online reviews and messaging by providing additional information that may not be included in reviews.

2) Boosts SEO efforts, because CAHPS data is crawlable by search engines, unlike third-party reviews

3) Provides prospective patients with a 360-degree picture of the quality of care you deliver

Streamed CAHPS Data Hides PHI

Integrating CAHPS data is also a HIPAA-compliant way to showcase your patients’ high levels of satisfaction.

How is this possible? Serious ORM platforms offer automatic monitoring and removal of comments that include protected health information (PHI) or profanity, as well as supports any file format or data structure. Most importantly, the physician and hospital ratings shown are based on quantifiable CAHPS and HCAHPS responses.

Learn more about how to turn patients into digital advocates.

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