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4 Ways Customer Surveys Enhance Review Data


If your business solely relies on review feedback, you aren’t seeing the full view of your customer experience. 

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Reviews may only tell half the story, but surveys can complete that story. A complete view of your customer experience (CX) means you can turn feedback into actionable insights, subsequently allowing you to improve your customer programs.

Customer survey feedback complements review data by allowing your business to manage every step of the customer experience journey. Take a look at our tipsheet to learn how your business can benefit from leveraging survey and review feedback.

About the Author

Christie is Reputation's Senior Manager of Integrated Content Marketing. She has worked in digital, social, and content marketing for over 12 years for large and small companies in the B2B and B2C space. Her varied industry experience (insurance, automotive, HR, staffing, healthcare, technology, digital marketing, SaaS & more) allows her to create a wide range of content. She is a mom, wife, and avid runner, and loves going to the beach and Lake Michigan during the short, but amazing summers in the Midwest.

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