5 Tips to Increase Your Company's Discoverability in Search

May 13, 2016

Before you spend another dollar trying to attract new customers, Google your business’ name.

If your locations are showing up on page two or three of search results then prospective customers won't find you. And, no amount of marketing spend will help you find new business if your site is not on the first page of Google's results.

In fact, a MarketingProfs report found that that 91 percent of people now search for local businesses online. This makes discoverability a powerful online reputation management tool and a crucial one for revenue building.

If you're struggling to boost your SEO, here are five tips to ensure that potential customers find your locations in search results.

1. Build Reviews to Rise in the Rankings

Low review volume as well as too many negative reviews will adversely impact your search engine ranking.

Reviews and ratings are inescapable in search results. And while Google’s algorithms are often mysterious, Search Engine Land and our research proves that page rankings are directly influenced by the volume and quality of reviews.

Build review volume by reaching out to satisfied customers and asking them to rate and review your service.

2. Claim Your Business Listings

Google prioritizes companies that display accurate location information across multiple listings sites.

Accurate listings should include business name, address, phone number, times of operation, and photos of the location. This information should also be correct on your company’s website.

Once this is corrected ensure that this information is consistent across any review site that may list your business.

For additional tips on how to claim your business listings, read our blog post.

3. Boost Your Star Ratings

According to Moz, star ratings also factor into your business’ search rankings, the logic being that the better your star ratings the higher you rise in search.

In order to boost your star ratings, and your rankings, focus on generating more positive reviews on Google. What's more, Google requires that you have at least five reviews before they’ll show a star rating for your business, according to WebpageFX.  

You also need to generate positive reviews on the specialty sites that cover your industry. A consistent, coordinated effort -- where you systematically ask all of your customers to review your locations -- is the best way to improve your star ratings.

4. Use a Strong Domain      

Your domain name should match your company name. Despite sounding like common sense, this mistake is made often.

Search engines won’t rank your website highly if your business name is “Healthy Smiles Dentistry” but your website is newyorkdental.com.

Having a consistent domain helps Google’s crawlers that this site belongs to your business and will help drive up your business in search results.

5. Embrace Social

One of the best ways to increase your company’s visibility in search results is to engage current and potential customers on social media platforms.

Make sure your social handles match your business name and include social links on your website, as well as link back to the website from your social profiles for maximum visibility.

For some quick tips on effectively managing social engagement, see our recent blog post, or for a more in-depth resource, or check out our guide -- “Social Media Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices.”

Discoverability in search results is just one piece of the online reputation management puzzle. To learn more about the whole approach, see our new infographic: Follow the Path to a Best-in-Class Online Reputation.

You should also make sure that your locations’ online reviews accurately reflect the customer experience you deliver. Check out 3 Steps To Make Your Reviews Match the Quality of Your Service.


To learn more about on how your business can best monitor, mangage, and track your online reputation watch our webinar titled, "Reputation Management for Enterprise."

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